We are known to have the best tires along with having the lowest priced tires in the Joplin area. And keep in mind, we can get almost any tire you need. Only a few brands are named on our website, but our tire guys can get a lot more than that. If you need a specific tire give us a call, we can get it! Our guys will run down the tire you need, mount and balance them faster then anyone around.

Have a leaky tire? We find the leak and repair the tire in record time. Tires running on low pressure wear out much faster so bring in your car or truck and let us repair those leaky tires today. It will save you money in the long run.

Is your car or truck performing with less efficiency then what it once did? Here at Russell’s Tire & Auto service and repair we can help! We all need our transportation to be reliable, bring your vehicle in and we can give it a thorough check up. Maybe a good tune up is all it needs. If it doesn’t perform like it should we’ll get it in tip top shape and get your ride back on the road fast (see the list of services below).

Russell’s Tire and Auto repair can quickly check out your vehicle and repair the problem. We can change your oil, flush the radiator, check your tire pressure, tune up your engine, align the front end, change your breaks and more. When you pull your vehicle into our shop, you’ve come to the right place. We have highly experienced mechanics that can find the problem, and get it fixed, the first time!


One of the best things about Russell’s Tire & Automotive is our MOBILE TIRE SERVICE. We can come to YOU! We service Autos, Diesel, Farm & Heavy Equipment. We can also tow autos and light trucks. Our MOBILE TIRE SERVICE can repair your tire on location and that makes it nice for you. Towing can be costly so call us when you have tire problems on the road or sitting on your lot. We can get you back on the road quickly, and that mean more profit in your pocket!


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Oil Changes

Tune Ups

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Mobile Tire Service & Repair

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